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What We Do

Our flagship product, a pure Java based Workflow Engine, provides a robust framework for all process related developments within your business.

Integration is the key to our product's success. Our workflow engine is designed to be extensible and as such, we can integrate with almost any application that has a well-defined application programming interface (API), as well as many that don't!

In this increasingly competitive world, companies are discovering that they require greater control over their business processes, not to gain an advantage over, but just to keep up with the competition.

We are driven by our customers needs and as such, we are constantly adding new functionality to support their ever growing requirements.

As an example; our workflow engine is often used to enhance document management systems where documents need to be efficiently routed using strict business rules. The processes themselves are commonly configured to interrogate external systems in order to make correct routing decisions.

In short, our systems ensure your items of work are delivered to the right person at the right time.